CTSWholesalers launch new website for wholesale sunglass buyers.

CTS Wholesale Sunglasses today launched a new web site dedicated to helping sunglass retailers who sell designer replica sunglasses.

CTS Wholesale Sunglasses today announced the launch of their new site at www.CTSwholesalers.com, dedicated to helping the sunglass retailers choose the latest fashion designs easily and procure these from their online sunglass store (http://www.CTSwholesalesunglasses.com) for selling at high traffic areas.

The retail sunglass industry has high operating margins and the dealers can make a nice profit buying the sunglasses in wholesale and then selling these at retail counters or stalls in malls and fairs. “Sunglasses that typically cost $15 a dozen can be easily sold for about $8 per pair, earning a very high profit per sale”, reported Kirk Bachelder while announcing the site.

The site contains information about a large variety of replica sunglass designs that are inspired by leading brands. “We do not sell fake sunglasses and do not recommend that the retailers sell them”, cautioned Kirk. “Our sunglasses do not carry any brand names and are 100% safe for the dealers to sell”, he added.

The site will also carry special offers like a starter pack with an assorted collection of 36 pairs of latest and popular designs and a rack to hold 24 pairs, at a low $99. A newbie retailer can test the waters and explore the market with this low investment package before jumping in with larger stocks.

The helpful customer service and blazing fast shipping ensures that the dealers get their shipments before the time most of the other wholesalers have even dispatched the goods.

The retail sunglass industry is very popular with entrepreneurs because of the high margins. People prefer to buy cheap ‘compare to’ or replica sunglasses that look like the eyewear from the leading brands but cost much lesser. They do not feel the pinch if these sunglasses are lost or broken. They can also try different looks easily to match the season and the mood.

About Us: CTS Wholesalers offers tips and guidance to the sunglass retailers about the best ways to maximize the profits in marketing their wares at the malls, stores, exhibitions and flea markets. Visit the site at www.CTSwholesalers.com.


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Buying Wholesale Sunglasses

To purchase sunglasses from a wholesaler can be difficult with all the choices available.  There are many ways to find wholesalers some of them include internet searching we would suggest search engines like Google, Yahoo and also MSN.  You can also find many wholesale company’s in magazines. Things to look for when buying wholesale – make sure and contact the company by either phone or e-mail.  If you are located close by you can even visit there warehouse.  You never know how large or small a company is by there website so make sure and checkout the company you buy from first.  For one of the largest wholesale sunglass companies online make sure and checkout http://www.CTSwholesalesunglasses.com

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Discount Sunglasses At Low Wholesale Pricing!

Buying Discount Sunglasses can be hard with so many choices.  Some of the easiest ways to find wholesalers is doing a google search, yahoo search or msn search on the internet.  Some important things so look for when selecting a company to order from are:

a:  Customer Service
b:  Selection
c:  Quaility
d:  Pricing

 Make sure and checkout http://www.CTSwholesalesunglasses.com for a wide selection of Sunglasses, Sports Caps, Displays, Accessories and more.  

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Wholesale Hats & Wholesale Caps

CTS Wholesale is offering new Caps & Hats at low, low pricing at only $3.00 per hat. Make sure and checkout the new selection by clicking here…

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A New blog related to the wholesale sunglass industry

We are offering this blog for information releated to wholesale sunglasses.

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