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Looking for Wholesale Sunglasses?

Our High Fashion Designer Sunglasses Can Make You
More Money More Easily. Here’s How…”

There is a booming market in the replica sunglasses marketplace. Everybody wants to look smart and wear designer sunglasses from the leading brands. When you offer a replica sunglass at a vast discount compared to the original stuff, you can easily get tons of sale and make large profits from that!

Do you sell (or want to sell) replica sunglasses at any of these places — inline mall stores, chain stores, kiosks, flea markets, fairs or festivals? Are you looking for a great giveaway for a corporate get-together or a motorcycle and car-show? Then you are at the right place.

When you source your requirement of wholesale replica sunglasses from us, you get several benefits —

wide assortment of styles
promotional low cost lines to high quality fashion lines
the full range of cattier, surfwear and sportswear
fast selling popular range
metal and plastic styles with various combination of lenses
All our designs are replicas and look-alikes of leading brand sunglasses and the wearer can feel the same excitement that he will feel on wearing the original pair. Also remember that we do not carry any fake brand names and therefore you are not brushing with the law, when you sell these as ‘inspired by’ – do not represent them to be original brand name products.

You can buy the sunglasses in wholesale from us and then sell these in retail at about 600%-1,000% higher price for a very healthy margin.

We also offer sunglass accessories, sunglass displays, sunglass clip-ons and repair kits. Thus you can buy all your requirements from one place, save time and concentrate more on selling and making profit.

Call us toll-free on 1.800.796.3486 or email to to buy your wholesale sunglasses’ supplies.

Check out the new Buckle Sunglasses styles or try the popular Rhinestone sunglasses.


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Buying Wholesale Sunglasses

To purchase sunglasses from a wholesaler can be difficult with all the choices available.  There are many ways to find wholesalers some of them include internet searching we would suggest search engines like Google, Yahoo and also MSN.  You can also find many wholesale company’s in magazines. Things to look for when buying wholesale – make sure and contact the company by either phone or e-mail.  If you are located close by you can even visit there warehouse.  You never know how large or small a company is by there website so make sure and checkout the company you buy from first.  For one of the largest wholesale sunglass companies online make sure and checkout

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A New blog related to the wholesale sunglass industry

We are offering this blog for information releated to wholesale sunglasses.

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